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On the 5-6 December 2017 the representatives of the Department of Monitoring and Environmental Information in CIEP took part in the stakeholder workshop, commissioned by European Commission, dedicated to the evaluation of the European Environment Agency, and in the EEA Management Board meeting in Copenhagen.

The workshop was the last element in European Environment Agency and European Environment Information and Observation Network evaluation process held by the consortium led by COWI this year, commissioned by the European Commission. The workshop focused on the analysis of:
- effectiveness – the progress towards achieving the targets,
- coordination of cooperation, coherence of activities and efficiency of governance mechanisms,
- relevance of activities to the needs as well as policy objectives,
- added value and benefits provided by the EEA and EIONET.
The workshop was preceded inter alia by the analysis, made by the consortium, of the documents related to the EEA and EIONET, the workshop with the EEA/EIONET National Focal Points in May, analysis of the answers collected via questionnaires, interviews and within public consultations.

The next step of the work of the consortium is to provide the evaluation report. It will be the input to the final report to be made by the European Commission in the first half of 2018.

The third and last one meeting of the EEA Management Board this year focused on the summary of main past activities of the EEA and EC and discussion and decisions as regards current issues and planned work. The agenda covered inter alia: EEA and EIONET evaluation, monitoring and reporting fitness check by the Commission and their plans to streamline and modernise the reporting, new tasks for the EEA coming inter alia from the Energy Union, European Topic Centres review, EEA programming documents, other current operational issues including budget, audit and staff regulations. The 80th MB meeting was the first one led by the recently elected new Chair of the MB – Ms Laura Burke from Ireland.

Poland was represented by Ms Anna Katarzyna Wiech, Head of the Department of Monitoring and Environmental Information in CIEP, Alternate of Polish member in the EEA Management Board, and Ms Małgorzata Bednarek from DMEI CIEP, EEA/EIONET National Focal Point.

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