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On the 6-7 December 2016 the representatives of the Department of Monitoring and Environmental Information in CIEP took part in the debates of the Management Board of the European Environment Agency.

At the 77th meeting of the EEA Management Board in the EEA headquarters in Copenhagen key EEA outputs as well as Commission activities impacting on the EEA were presented. Current operational issues including those concerning programming documents, budget, audit, staff, Scientific Committee recruitment were also discussed. Preliminary plans on the next state of Europe’s environment report SOER 2020 as well as EIONET activities on innovations and global megatrends were presented too.

The key event was the seminar preceding the MB meeting. The EEA had invited the MB members, National Focal Points, representatives of the European Topic Centres and EEA Scientific Committee. The discussion focused on the EEA and EIONET future in the face of changing contexts, information systems and new data sources, demands of the 7th Environment Action Programme and observed knowledge crisis where appealing to emotions may have higher value for citizens than facts. The discussion on the EEA and EIONET role fits into the evaluation of the EEA, already started by the Commission within the regular process of evaluations taking place at 5-year intervals.

Poland was represented by Ms Anna Katarzyna Wiech, Head of the Department of Monitoring and Environmental Information in CIEP, Alternate of Polish member in the EEA Management Board, and Ms Małgorzata Bednarek from DMEI CEIP, EEA/EIONET National Focal Point.


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