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"Europe's environment and climate policies have delivered substantial benefits, improving the environment and quality of life.. [but] despite these gains, Europe still faces a range of persistent and growing environmental challenges" - the European Environment Agency says in its SOER 2015 report published today. You can observe many positive short-term trends but the long-term perspective is not so encouraging.

The European Environment - State and Outlook 2015 report emphasizes that more ambitious solutions are needed to achieve the 7th Environment Action Programme vision of living well within the limits of our planet by 2050.

The SOER is the EEA flagship report prepared by the EEA every 5 years according to the Regulation on the EEA and EIONET. It is an integrated environmental assessment in a global, regional and national context.

The report is an online service available at

It comprises the following parts:

  • Synthesis - on future European environmental policy in general and its implementation between 2015 and 2020 in particular
  • Assessment of global megatrendsreport - on 11 key global megatrends
  • Global megtarendspart - a set of 11 briefings,
  • European briefingspart- a set of 25 thematic briefings
  • Cross-country comparisionspart - a set od 9 thematic briefings
  • Countries and regionspart - a set of 39 briefings that summarise reports on the state of environment in 33 EEA member countries and 6 Western Balkans cooperating countries as well as 3 additional briefings on Arctic, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea regions.

The report has been prepared in close coopeartion with EIONET - a network of institutions and experts from 39 countries - as well as with the European Commission services. In Poland Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection was strongly involved in the work according to the responsibility for the coordination of cooperation of Poland with the EEA within EIONET. The work of CIEP included: coordination of multistage consultations of all parts of the report, analysis of all parts, preparing the country opinion and sharing it with the EEA, preparing country briefing and putting it into the EEA webservice, verification of translation of Synthesis into Polish. Country briefing was prepared on the basis of State of Environment in Poland. Report 2014 prepared in the CIEP.

To read more in Polish see here.

To learn more please visit where you can find the SOER 2015 report as well as many useful additional materials.


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