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In the final evaluation of the countries’ performance in reporting of key data for the European Environment Agency needs, Poland took the first place, together with Belgium and United Kingdom.

Core Data Flows is a new category covering selected key data, reported by EEA member and cooperating countries using the Reportnet tools, used by the EEA for its main assessments, products and services. 18 CDF themes include over 20 data flows. Most of them are required by the EU law so formally regarded as reporting to the Commission via the EEA.

Previous Priority Data Flows category is no longer valid and yearly PDF assessment, the basis for countries scoring published at the EEA website and dedicated report, is terminated. The scope, evaluation period, criteria, scale and presentation form were changed. 

The first CDF evaluation, carried for 2016, includes 10 data flows. The evaluation covers both data quality and timeliness criteria. In November 2017 countries were officially informed by the EEA on the completion of the evaluation and final results. Poland provided all data flows. For 9 data flows covering air quality, air pollutants emissions, GHG emissions, water quality, water quantity and protected areas, Poland was awarded with the highest possible score.

More information can be found at the EEA website and in the report of the EEA/EIONET National Focal Point in Poland “European Environment Agency in 2016 – participation of Poland in the tasks” published earlier at the CIEP website.

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